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Our Topsellers in Ficus
Weeping Ficus, 80 cm, In A
Simple Plastic Pot
Item No.: 3318125-50
Ficus Benjamini 1056 sheets ca
150cm, natural trunk, UV
resistant, in plastic pot
Item No.: 3321124-50
Ficus Benjamini , 150 cm,
Green, Natural Trunk, 1764
Sheets, In Pot 15x13 cm
Item No.: 3320701-50
Ficus Iyrata in pot, 80 cm,
Item No.: 3022298-50
Ficus Benj. x5, ca. 170 cm
Green, Natural Trunk, In Pot,
Plastic Leaves
Item No.: 3316223-50
Ficus Benjamini, 120 cm,
Green, Natural Trunk, 1260lvs
in Pot 15x13cm
Item No.: 3320700-50
Ficus Benjamini, 210 cm,
Green, Natural Trunk, 2268
Sheets, In Pot 20x17 cm
Item No.: 3320703-50
Ficus umbellata x4, 52 sheets,
ca 175cm, green, in plastic
pot 18x14cm, with soil
Item No.: 3321152-50
Ficus Baroque Leaf Hanger x7,
ca. 100 cm, Plastic, Green
Item No.: 3320553-50
Ficus deliciosa, ca 120cm
green, in plastic pot
19,5x17,5cm black, with soil
Item No.: 3321456-50
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