What does responsibility mean?

The dictionary says responsibility is..." (...the obligation associated with a certain task, a certain position) to ensure that (within a certain framework) everything takes as good a course as possible, that what is necessary and right in each case is done and that as little harm as possible occurs." *

The responsibility of a company is large and wide-ranging. It ranges from responsibility towards its own employees, to responsibility towards customers and suppliers, to responsibility towards the environment.

We at GASPER GmbH take this responsibility in all its facets to heart and act accordingly.

For us, every employee is first and foremost a human being and we treat each other respectfully and as equals. Different working time models are just as natural for us as the possibility to work in a home office.

We also take our responsibility towards our suppliers and their employees seriously and have been a member of the BSCI for many years. We do not only select our suppliers on the basis of product quality and prices, we also visit the production sites to see for ourselves the circumstances and the conditions for the people. We only enter into a supplier relationship if our own ethical standards and the standards of the BSCI are met.

At GASPER, we are also aware of our responsibility towards the environment and want to help protect and preserve our planet. For this reason, we use recycled glass from Spain for a large part of our products. Our recycled glass comes from various sources, including used glass from consumers. The glass is carefully collected and then processed into high quality glass at the production facility in Spain. By using recycled glass, we are able to reduce our consumption of natural resources while reducing waste.
Our recycled glass is certified, of the highest quality and meets all necessary standards and requirements. We are proud to carry products in our range that are not only beautiful and functional, but also environmentally friendly.

We use FSC certified paper for printing our catalogues and other print media. Empty cardboard boxes are shredded and reprocessed into packaging material at our facility in Oberspier. This allows us to independently reduce the use of plastic as filling material.

We have opted for a comprehensive and holistic solution and rely on sustainable technologies at our new location in Cologne Lind.

Our site is equipped with 14 e-charging points that allow our employees and visitors to charge their electric vehicles. In this way, we want to contribute to the promotion of electric mobility and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions from the use of combustion engines.

Another important component of our sustainable concept is the use of solar panels. With 170 KW, our photovoltaic system can produce a considerable amount of electricity, which is used for our own electricity needs as well as for the environmentally friendly heat supply through a heat pump. This creates an efficient cycle that uses the electricity directly from the system to generate heat. This leads to higher efficiency and lower environmental impact compared to conventional heating systems based on fossil fuels. Surplus electricity is fed into the public grid. In this way, other businesses and households can benefit from environmentally friendly energy generation. 

In addition, the insulation of the building plays an important role in energy consumption and environmental protection. We use insulation made of environmentally friendly materials, which reduces the energy needed for heating and cooling, which in turn has a positive impact on the environment. 

We believe that renewable energy is the future and we want our decision to contribute to a more sustainable future. By investing in sustainable technologies, we not only want to do our part to reduce CO2 emissions, but also to protect our planet.


100% microplastic-free items

Even small amounts of microplastic particles pose a threat to marine animals and our environment. That's why we at GASPER have completely switched our range of flowers and plants to 100% microplastic-free items. We have been able to switch most of our glittery accessories to biodegradable glitter or the surfaces are sealed in such a way that no loose glitter can escape into the environment. 

We have labelled microplastic free articles for you with the following symbol.


Trade(s) is responsibility. Acting responsibly is what we do.

*source (translated from German): https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Verantwortung

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